Ballerina Vyara Nedyalkova

Vyara Nedyalkova is a student of the National School of Dance Art Sofia in Bulgaria. She has already been awarded with several ballet prizes and scholarships, a great base for her professional ballet future. Vyara is known for her slender build and exquisitely elongated appearance, resulting in graceful elegance.

Despite her tender age, Vyara has a graceful and polished aura with a powerful sense of elegance, making her an ideal choice for showing both softness and otherworldliness, glamour and drama. Vyara Nedyalkova is experienced in shooting both indoors in studios and outdoors at various locations and settings.

Vyara worked with Contourz Photography in 2022 and 2023 when she was 11-12 years old. During this time she had many ballet photo shoots in several different countries like Bulgaria, Serbia, Italy and Hungary, indoors and outdoors.



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